Nai's Jutsu

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Nai's Jutsu

Post  Zephon on Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:30 pm

Name:Water tube.
Effect:it is like water prison but it comes around yourself and allows you to move among the water without being seen and it makes it be able to move under water.
Downside:needs to be around water for it to work.

Name:Water blade
Effect:The user transforms water into the form of a blade and almost as sharp as one it can pierce someones skin it also makes a very good weapon incase of a nearby oppenent.
Downside:Has to be near water to make it as strong as it needs to be.

Name:Three strikes.
Element:uh...i dont know if there is one...
Type:genjutsu or kenjutsu
Effect: The user holds one sword yet it looks as though there are three. If the person is cut there is three times the cuts and power is also tripled.
Downside:Only can be used once a day and needs to be able to fake the three swords.

Element:again i dont think this has one.
Type: Taijutsu Or puppeteer
Effect:It allows puppets to go underground and strike from the ground.
Downside: usually misses unless a crowd.

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Re: Nai's Jutsu

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